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The prospect of having your house re-wired or building that much needed extension can be daunting. At N.P.Electricals we never under estimate the stress our customers may feel at the prospect of 'workman in the house'. With this in mind we aim to make the process as stress free as possible. Some of our customers prefer to go on holiday and leave us to it, if this is your approach then we will provide you with regular progress up dates by either phone or text and all the inevitable dirt and dust will be cleaned away ensuring no nasty surprises on your return.

However for those who will be staying at home we promise conscientious and tidy work that will never leave you at the end of the day without some form of power and lighting. Dust and dirt will be cleaned away daily, floor boards replaced, carpets laid back down and furniture put back in its place, we never forget it is your home.

Following, what can be a very frustrating process of gaining planning permission, the building work should be the exciting stage of your project. Why not let N.P.Electricals add the power to your vision. We provide a complimentary planning and design service to help you make the most of your new living space. From beautiful lighting, to sockets just where you need them we guarantee to have it covered. Not only do we guarantee great workmanship but we will always liaise with the other tradesmen to ensure we are there when you need us.

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