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If you have a beautiful solid wood kitchen floor or perhaps hand made Italian tiles then why not accentuate them with specialist plinth lighting. Bring your work areas to life with under pelmet lighting and not forgetting to add feature lights to show off your best china wear and crystal glasses.

When planning your dream home or interior design why not let N.P.Electricals light the way.  We can supply and fit spectacular centre piece lighting that range from sublimely understated to the talk of the town!!!  Or if you really want to stand out from the crowd then our bespoke lighting service will be for you.  Following a complimentary design consultation we will plan the perfect lighting solution for your lifestyle, home and budget.  The design consultation will look at how you use the space, what mood you wish to create and any specific areas you wish to have highlighted.  Read on for further inspirational ideas.....


After finding the perfect bathroom suite don't settle for less than extraordinary lighting. Try zoning your bathroom for different feels. Imagine bright intense spot lights for that early morning invigorating shower, then the soft glow of carefully placed recessed wall lights, colour coded to enhance your relaxation, for that long de-stress end of day soak in the bath. Finished to perfection with strategically placed feature lights that accentuate the curve and design of the porcelain wear.


Lighting is often a purely functional part of the home but why not make it a talking point with one of the amazing centre piece light we can supply and fit. Or how about zoning for different moods in the same room. We can help you to make the most of your home with expert lighting solutions. Thoughtfully placed illuminations can be used to highlight architectural features or perhaps a well placed family heirloom deserves a little spot light of its own!


Stairs and hallways are so often over looked as a simple passage between rooms but why not make a statement with some of our art form lighting solutions. Spotlights can highlight the flow and form of your staircase or simply create a vision line within your hallway.


Perhaps bring a touch of luxury to the most intimate room of your housewith a delicate chandelier, then add some task specific over head lighting for those dark winter nights curled up with a good book, finally add an illuminated mirror or wall lights to ensure that you look as good as your room!

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